Wayfinding and Signage

Orientative wayfinding: direction signs, plaques, charts and sign flags
Urban and touristic wayfinding. Parking wayfinding.
Braille wayfinding systems. Security and emergency signage

Wayfinding is a field of graphic design applied to sign board that can be defined as the way to identify, control and facilitate the transit of people in public spaces.
A good signage system is effective and it is present to inform whenever is necessary, but is not intrusive, not even harm advertising communication effectiveness, if they are set in the same action area. In Xprinta we are experts in setting up directional and security and emergency wayfinding systems, as much to inside wayfinding (plaques and direction signs for hospitals, health centers, schools, etc.) as to exterior (urban and touristic wayfinding mainly).

In Xprinta we make and we set up all kind of wayfinding systems and orientational wayfinding, apart from Braille and security and emergency signage.

We have quality systems that have been verified for years of usage, and we have the required experience to carry out your wayfinding project successfully. Contact us to confirm it: one technician from the closest Xprinta factory will visit and advise you.


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Wayfinding and Signage Gallery

Download our displays catalogue

Here you can download or see online our product catalogue. There you can find all kind of sign and commercial image solutions in point of sale. It is divided by sections and has practical examples of application, sketches and plans, apart from pictures of real works made by Xprinta.


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