Awnings and Sun protection

Awnings: classic and cassettes ones, manual or automatic ones. Windows awnings.
Canopies, flat terrace, arbor. Roller, blinds and sunshades.
Sun control and anti-discolor sheets

Trend in solar protection of business and establishments is integration to corporate image, making the awnings of a facade to be integrated on it as another advertising and identification element

Solar elements as extendible awnings, hoods, etc. can have printed banners digitally full color, getting impressive results. They can also be marked with thermal transference systems over acrylic canvas at corporate color. In the other hand, sun protection technical sheets (adhesive polyester sheets) help to protect from heat and discoloration, provoked by UVI ray, the interior of shops or offices.

In Xprinta we are specialist in installation of all kind of sun protection elements: awnings, windows awnings, canopies, blinds, rollers, parasols, sun protection technical sheets, etc. Contact us to ask for budgeting of your next awning or sun technical sheet. We will be pleased to attend you personally.

Our best projects of awnings and sun protection

As an image element, the awnings also have a great importance. One of the most important aspects about the image of a business, is to have a good facade, with an attractive and well maintained aesthetic, to differentiate from the competitors. They have to be both a product of protection against the sun, as well as decoration.

In Xprinta we are experts in image at the point of sale, including awnings and sun protection systems. In our works for some clients, we also have included awnings as corporative image elements. Awnings are very usual in some sectors like real estate and hairdressers, etc. In Xprinta we are specialists in the installation of sun protection elements of all kinds.

Contact us if you want to request a quote for an awning or any other image element for your business.

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