Graphic decoration

Wall murals: vinyl for walls, wallpaper and textiles.
Textile graphics. Decorative vinyl and stickers.
Magnetic impressions. Photographic wardrobe.

Large format Prints give us a wide range of possibilities, related with the quantity of impressions methods used (UVI, solvent, latex, etc) and with the infinite range of surfaces where it is possible to be printed over (textile impression, impression on rigid materials as methacrylate, glass or even magnetic materials). This has opened a large variety of decoration possibilities in commercial establishments or even in residences.

Customization of spaces and environments are issues rising in consideration by decorators or marketing departments to improve the buyer experience in malls for example.

That is why, it is greater and greater the presence of digital paint paper wall murals, wardrobe with photographic impression or even printed roofs or floors with high resolution. Results are always amazing.

In Xprinta we count with the right impression methods for graphic decoration of any environment, as much to equipment, as to experience in production and installation of materials. Contact us and we will advise you about all the possibilities this new way of making decoration offers you.

Our best projects of graphic decoration

In Xprinta we are experts in graphic decoration. We have done works of textile murals, the best option of graphic decoration for the home, offices or businesses. Companies like Re / Max, Look and Find, etc. trust in us for this type of projects.

There are a lot of printing possibilities such as UVI, solvent and latex, as well as different types of surfaces (printing on textiles, on rigid ones such as methacrylate and glass or even on magnetic materials), so they can adapt to all decoration needs. In this way, is frecuent to see murals of digital wallpaper, cabinets with photographic printing or even printed floors and ceilings are frequent.

In Xprinta we have printing methods for graphic decoration in any type of business. Also, we have more than 25 years of experience in production and installation of these materials. Contact us and we will advise you in any need you have.

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